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    Africa Daily Groupe (ADG)

    Africa Daily Groupe (ADG), is a digital publishing group focused on thoughtful, thorough reportage on a myriad of topics concerning the continent. It currently features twelve separate outlets that cover niche topics within the continent.

    These sites are:
    1. Africa Art Daily   2. Africa Beauty Daily   3. Africa Business Daily   4. Africa Film Daily   5. Africa Food Daily   6. Africa Jobs Daily   7. Africa Models Daily   8. Africa Music Daily   9. Africa Tech Daily   10. Africa Travel Daily  11. Africa Sports Daily  12. Africa Style Daily

    Three more sites are scheduled to launch in 2014. In addition, ADG is home to the soon-­to-­be-­launched quarterly publication, Africa Style Quarterly (ASQ).

    It was founded by journalist Zandile Blay in 2012.


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