About Us

African Style Daily is made to emphasize the huge contribution of the African fashion to the Westerns. We want to put into light the huge part they played into the revolution in the fashion world. We do this to give recognition where recognition is worth, and to give Africans the limelight they deserve.

In the recent years, African fashion was silently adopted by many people without knowing about it. They were the silent influencers that made a difference in terms of designs and colors. They gave a new meaning to vibrance and brought forward new choices for patterns and designs. Aside from that, they also gave new options for cloths used and accessories. All of these are being contributed without the fashionistas understanding their implications and even their origin. This is what the Africa Style Daily want to address.

Africa Style Daily wants to bring African style into its golden age. What was being neglected before, now are being recognized as inspirations. If before, the style and even the nationality of Africans are being ignored and underestimated, now we want to show them off to the world. We want to showcase their talents, ingenuity, and resilience in all aspects of the fashion world. Whether it is to model dresses made by well-known travel designers, to creating fashion-forward statements, up to their local designs being used in the international scenes, we feature that here. We want to prove that like any other nationality, Africans can also be competitive worldwide – they also have what it takes to be envied, applauded and celebrated.

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