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Africa Style Daily | Faqs

Do you publish a hard copy of your articles?

Africa Style Daily is simply an online magazine. We do not publish our articles outside of this online platform. One of the advocacies that we strongly emphasize is to promote environmental awareness which includes lessening the use of paper. Since the online media nowadays have a broader reach, this gave us a better advantage in reaching out to our target market. As such, the printing of materials is not anymore deemed as necessary. You can easily download however our articles straight to your tablets or smartphones for easy reading anytime.

Do I need to register first before I can access the content?

Registration is not anymore necessary unless you are going to sign up to our newsletter or going to engage with other members of our community in the forum page. Otherwise, registration is not anymore needed. You can access the content of this site anytime, anywhere. This is a website that is open to the public.

Do I need to pay if I wish to register?

No payment is needed. This is why we do not ask for the credit card information of our guests who wish to register. You should only have a valid email address because that is where we are going to send the confirmation of the success of your registration.

Is my information safe?

Yes. We do not keep your information with us. We also have a system that prevents your accounts from being phished. So, we can guarantee you that your information is safe.