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Africa Style Daily would give you the most up-to-date news in African fashion. From the latest style to the popular people and fashion icons who traveled into different continents, up to the different influencers present in the online media, you can get that here at the Africa Style Daily.

African fashion had been thrown into the limelight of the late. They have significantly influenced the fashion trend all over the world starting with their exquisite designs, and patterns that are local to their culture. Even the vibrant colors that are known to be of African origin are being tapped to grace the creations of designers that are already well-known in the field. As a proof of this, they had been creating their variants of “African Collections” that are gracing the catwalk lately.

What does it entail to have an African influence on your clothing items? Many designers who are getting inspiration from the African heritage have been using animal prints on their clothing line. There are those who use shells as a part of their designs, and/or large flowers, trees and verdant plants. In terms of the makeup of the clothes, sometimes they mimic the petals of beautiful flowers in creating the sleeves. Thus, they look fluffier than normal. The colors also represent the rich forests available in the continent, or the grassland. There are designers who choose to express their African inspiration in a more creative way. They create clothing designs that mimic the traditional wears of women and men. Starting with the textiles used down to the accessories that adorn them. They just add some finishing touches on it to make it more apt to the modern men and women today. They get hundreds and thousands of profit by being able to sell their pieces to fashionistas all over the world.

African fashion was not the only thing that captured the attention of the international community. There were various fashion influencers to starting from popular personalities who made their name in various fields in media, up to models who have shown resilience in showing off their fashion sense to the world. They have shown courage in the world dominated by the Westerners. They were not afraid to make a difference and break the status quo. They were the ones who exerted effort in putting into the map of fashion their home country – Africa.

Here at Africa Style Daily, you will never lag behind when it comes to all the news related to the African fashion industry. We’ll get it with you hot and sizzling so that you can immediately rush out of your garage door made by A1 Garage Door Service Milwaukee and to your favorite boutiques. You can also seek inspiration for your look at the latest gala or party you are going to attend. Aside from that, you can get information on what’s happening in the African fashion world from this day forward.

Fashion Magazine of Your Choice

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